I have set my trap but have not caught any rats

1.  Make sure your lure is refreshed often. If you are using peanut butter, try slug bait to deter slugs and snails.

2. Put your trap in a different location – next to your compost bin, or a secluded place in your garden.

3. Use gloves when handling your trap and station, rats are cautious of human scent.

4. Try making a tunnel for your trap out of plywood or timber offcuts as an alternative to the station. Some instructions can be found here.


The key I received with my motel/trap won’t work

The motels are robust – don’t be afraid to use a bit of force!

1.  Place motel on a flat surface and hold the motel firmly with one hand.

2. Use your free hand to insert key into keyhole.

3. Wiggle the key a bit as you push it firmly into the keyhole.

This YouTube video explains it well.

My trap won’t latch properly when I try to ‘set’ it

1.  Hold the back of the trap (not the serrated ‘mouth’ end)  in your stronger hand. Keep your other hand well away.

2. As you very slowly squeeze the trap open, shake the trap back and forth vigorously.

3. Repeat this action (number 2.) until you hear the trap ‘click’ into place.


I’ve lost my motel/station key

You can pick one up from Maria Teape at the Devonport Peninsula Trust office upstairs at 3 Victoria Road.

Alternatively email pestfreedevonport@gmail.com


What are the four small metal rods for?

These rods can be used for holding bait blocks (rat poison) in place. There are 4 small holes for these rods in the bottom of the motel/station tray.

Bait blocks are not provided as part of this project. If you wish to use bait blocks, you can purchase them from most hardware stores. Note: If you find the rod holes a bit ‘tight’, you can tap the rods into place using a small hammer.