Autumn shorebird news

The godwits that visit Shoal Bay/Ngataringa Bay every summer have just left on their voyages north to Alaska, we wish them well on their travels! The spectacular journeys these birds make each year are fuelled by their time in our local feeding grounds. In their place, our endangered wrybill have started to arrive from their South Island breeding grounds. These unique birds, with their kinked bill, are facing threats from predators and habitat degradation. We are fortunate to have small flocks of these birds as annual visitors to the estuaries of Shoal Bay and Ngataringa Bay (up to around 70 by June each) year).


One of the best viewing spots for seeing these birds, as well as pied stilt, NZ dotterel and oystercatchers, is from the park in Sandy Bay, Bayswater, where you can find the information sign. Please keep off the shell banks, and keep dogs on shore on a lead at all times.